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Secret Beaches in Vernon

Vernon has the luxury of two marquee lakes to enjoy and we recommend spending your days at one of these beaches that typically stay a secret amongst the locals.

Okanagan Lake

Vineyards & orchards surrounds this expansive, scenic lake, a popular spot for boating & swimming. These 3 beaches are within walking distance of Vita (just across the road in fact).

Lakeshore Beach

Canoe Beach

Kin Beach

Kalamalka Lake

This stunning lake contains limestone deposits left behind by receding glaciers. When the lake cools down, the limestone crystals vanish, and so does the green-blue hue. Kalamalka Lake takes its name from two different Indigenous words, the Shuswap word for water and the Okanagan word for soothing or healing.

Juniper Bay Beach

Jade Beach

Cosens Bay (3km hike in from parking lot)

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